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Custom Waterjet Cutting Service in Australia

Finally, you can hire any custom waterjet cutting service in Australia, no matter how large or small the project is, we can help you with it. Before Maurimosaic, you could only hire this kind of artistic and precise jobs, abroad. We will save you a lot of cost and valuable time.

How can Maurimosaic help you with waterjet services?


waterjet cutting company

Most accurately, cutting you can have of any material. Forget laser or plasma, waterjet cutting is better.


waterjet cutting australia

We can adjust the waterjet power to cutting any surface up to 6″ very smoothly and create ensembles with other pieces.


waterjet cutting company

Our major demand for waterjet cutting service is cutom mosaic tiles for buildings, you wont find better experts than us.


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We use recycled materials to create beautiful artwork pieces to decorate your home or office.

Who is behind Maurimosaic?

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Maurimosaic is a family business in Australia. Founded by us: Mauri Aybar and Andrea Castiglione, we have a long history and experience in the waterjet cutting industry, specialising in mosaics and ceramic and glass tiles. Read more here…

What type of material do you need to cut or engrave?

Our Waterjet cutting technology is extremely advantageous; it can cut practically any material with extreme precision and fineness. Our Maurimosaic company also offers to go even further to satisfy personalised requirements that large companies refuse to accept.

More advantajes we offer for waterjet cutting projects

There are many reasons why you can benefit from our waterjet services. Reducing costs for your company is one of them, just hire us directly as your trusted supplier. Thanks to our flexible service, you can order wholesale or retail. From a few to a lot of intricate pieces that require a precise size and shape; artistic mosaic art, tiling, renovations of spaces in your home or office, etc.

Vector tracing

waterjet cutting australia

To achieve a perfect waterjet cut, a vector trace file is needed. We offer professional vector tracing of any design you have in mind.

Low cost

waterjet cutting australia

While big waterjet corporations only accept big volume, easy and expensive orders, we accept anyone’s project, and we have the best waterjet prices in Australia.

Caring Customer Service

In the modern business landscape, our dedicated customer service offers attentive and personal assistance, emphasizing the importance of a human touch.

Few samples of our work:

We have years of experience working with mosaics, and custom tiling; we are artists in the field and can handle intricate projects that no other company in Australia can offer you.

Industrial and retail cutting capabilities

If you are looking for a waterjet company to make glass tables, doors, windows, railings, pieces of art, decoration with mirrors, dividers and more, at Maurimosaic we can help you!

We dare with Stone Waterjet Cutting

waterjet cutting gold coast

Waterjet cutting can be used to create different designs and shapes in natural stone. Maurimosaic can help you to make cuts or engravings on Basalt, Granite, Limestone, Marble, Travertine, Porcelain.

Custom Metal Waterjet Cutting

waterjet cutting australia

Maurimosaic offer Waterjet cutting for any type of metal. In addition to common materials like carbon steel and aluminum, abrasive waterjets easily cut titanium, brass, and stainless steel, In all kinds of shapes.

Plastic Waterjet Cutting

waterjet cutting australia

Plastic waterjet cutting has become the best option for manufacturers who design different parts with plastics. While abrasive waterjet works for harder materials, pure waterjet may be safe for plastic parts. It can cut plastics with a fine water jet that has great force. Although this jet of water is pressurized, it does not affect the integrity of your plastic objects. Therefore, you can rely on the modern waterjet cutting process for your plastic production project.

How Maurimosaic Waterjet Cutting Works

It doesn’t matter what material you’re cutting: thick granite, marble, slate, limestone, travertine, artificial stone or any other material for floors and countertops; stone, porcelain pieces or ceramic materials for inlays or medallions; or glass and metal for artistic details; The unique ability of abrasive waterjet to cut complex designs at high speed and without breakage allows you to unleash your imagination and expands your the possibilities. 

Compared to traditional cutting tools or CNC machines, A waterjet cutting machinery dramatically reduces labor time for processing your favorite materials.

The best edges

Abrasive waterjet does not add heat or surface tension. Therefore, the material retains its original appearance and strength.

Minimum incision width

Compared to saws and CNC machines, the small diameter of the waterjet allows it to cut virtually any design to perfection. With a waterjet cutting machine, it is easy to cut holes for faucets, sinks, and basins, as well as complex edges on the edges of slabs. Waterjet improves material utilisation, reduces costs, and boosts profits.

Fundamental benefits of waterjet cutting

  • Increased productivity, fast cutting, and high-quality parts.
  • Minimum incision width for the most detailed and artistic patterns.
  • Raw material savings — less waste.
  • Omnidirectional cutting, even in tight corners.
  • Generalised clamping of parts is not necessary, since lateral or vertical forces are minimal.
  • Cut in one pass.
  • Virtually definitive cut, almost completely eliminating manual finishing.

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