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Welcome to our mosaic company! Here you will find not only a product and service of the best quality, in Maurimosaic we make art, at mosaic art, using the best materials and the most fascinating colours, we create tiles, or unique pieces of art to satisfy your needs and give an incredible new look to your spaces!

Maurimosaic company

Unique handmade artistic mosaic tiles to decorate your spaces

The first thing you need to know about Maurimosaic company is we specialise in custom projects, why? Because we pay attention to every little detail, we can make art where no other can even imagine.

Our competitors are far behind, they cannot match our manufacturing process, each artistic mosaic tile is handmade, according to the minimum details that each client requires, so, by hiring us, you ensure that your project is completely unique and to your personal taste, and no one will be able to copy you.

We also work with selected and completely innovative materials, so that the surfaces are not only beautiful, but resistant, both indoors or outdoors.

With more than 25 years dedicated exclusively to the design, renovation and creation of mosaic art, our Mosaic company has demonstrated its value and creativity around multiple European and American cities, and of course, Australia.

Last but not least, we are friendly, capable and trustworthy, you will find nothing but professionalism and zero stress when hiring us.


Modern society seems to want to pigeonhole everything into prefabricated products, all exactly the same, made by machines with no sense of beauty. At Maurimosaic we break that scheme, and we go old school, we use our own hands and create unique mosaic art work.

By acquiring one Maurimosaic, you ensure that there will never be another like it, not even if we try it ourselves, each of our projects is unrepeatable, and completely customised, each artwork is cut by hand, and the materials themselves have unique patterns colours. The end result will be the WOW statement of your guests and clients.


Add a personal touch to any residential or commercial space with custom mosaic tiles.

If you are thinking of renovating your kitchen, or the main bathroom, perhaps creating a fountain in the garden or simply giving life to the steps of the staircase, Maurimosaic offers you handmade mosaic tiles in any pattern you want, either made of ceramic or full colour glass.

Each project is treated with special care and detail, quality and lifetime materials are important to create a delightful surface both to the eye and touch.


If you are a fan of mosaics like us, you will be pleased to know that there is no space or piece that we cannot decorate. Do you want a beautiful vase for the garden? do you want a mosaic table? a mosaic lamp? With Maurimosaic consider it done!

The advantage of working by hand is that creativity is capable of overflowing and filling corners with beauty that others do not even believe possible, just let us know what your mosaic dream is, and we will make it come true…


They say that if you break a mirror you will have 7 years of bad luck, what they don’t tell you is that if you turn it into a mosaic your years of good luck will be returned to you and multiplied. The talent and delicacy of our artists allows us to deal with mirrors and create striking illusions that will bring light and amplitude to your spaces in a creative and artistic way.


Tired of the flat and boring surface of asphalt? Fill your porch, deck, or patio with creative ceramic mosaic tiles.


Do not underestimate the power of a good looking office, lobby, counter or any place you receive your clients or customers; a great mosaic artwork can make the difference.


Stairs used to be boring before we start decorating the steps, our craft will allow you to have a custom, beautiful and durable, mosaic artwork there.


For the ancient Romans, the bathroom was a place for cleansing and relaxation rituals, if that’s your wave, you need to cover the surfaces with waterproof beauty…


Cover the wall behind the stove or sink, have a special view while cooking, give the place a touch of color or an easier surface to clean.

Mauricio Aybar 

A master of mosaic art, he has dedicated his entire life to the craft, traveling through Spain, Italy, Greece and Turkey in search of inspiration and ways to improve his technique.

Andrea Castiglione

Andrea is the support of the company, the hard worker business manager, she is another kind of artist, and together they go and do what they love…

Maurimosaic is an opportunity of a life time

Of all the places in the world, Maurimosaic has definitively established itself on the Gold Coast of Australia, and while we would like to see our talent and techniques passed on to the next generation, who knows if it will happen, which is why you have a small window of opportunity that most do not have, being able to hire us now, to create a true work of art in your home or favourite space.

We are a special company, we are fans and passionate about our product, and although we have covered thousands of meters of surface with Mosaics throughout all Europe and America, each of our clients knows that they have a unique piece of art on their floors and walls, thanks to the fruit of years of perfecting a craft that is disappearing, so don’t miss out on this privilege…


Maurimosaic works closely with artists, designers, artisans, craftsmen and environmental professionals from the independent and commercial sectors. But at the same time we use modern tools that allow us to work with delicate materials, be more precise, and work faster than ancient artists.

The highly proficient process of waterjet cutting supports design integrity, when transferring images from the original artwork to the manufacturing process. Image details are maintained through the versatility and cutting accuracy of the waterjet.

Incorporated at the development and production phases of artwork, the waterjet may provide an interim process in the preparation of materials for further development.

The waterjet application may include, samples, “one-off” pieces, irregular components and production runs.

Have you seen our popular tiles?

Broncos Club

They loved our artistic tiles!

Pimpama Sport Hub

Others in Melbourne believe it was “impossible” but we achieve it!

Candyshop Mansion

Beautiful fountain  made a reality!

Palazzo Versace

Massive makeover of pebbles waterfall for posterity.


We can also offer you our collection of decorative ceramic tiles made in Spain. These Spanish tiles are handmade and available in different color, texture and sizes.

Our classic designs range showcases patterns that have distinct Spanish & Mediterranean roots. These colourful and vibrant decorative tiles can be placed in groups or as part of a random set. The design options are limitless.


We are grateful to the media, showing interest in our work since we arrived in Australia; we are pleased to know that our mosaic art is valued, and that we can fill with beauty the spaces of more and more people who, thanks to them, found out about us.

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Thank you very much to all!